Documents 24/7 Real Time Digital Video

Protects Police, Public as the Silent Witness

Great documentation for commercial and private vehicles!

Perfect system for private security firms, as it documents security patrols.

Hi Resolution Day/Night Cameras
Wireless transmissions through the internet
Examples of AV360° Applications

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“Overt” AV360°: Comes standard with interior camera on/off switch, foreword-facing 2x zoom and internal microphone. Larger zoom available.
“Covert” AV360°: An inconspicuous customary and ordinary-looking rearview mirror equipped with superior quality cameras and internal microphone. The Covert AV360 ° is great for surveillance, undercover operations and the consumer.
Monitor Screen and Two-Channel Audio
The monitor screen gives the consumer or officers the opportunity to view present activity or past footage without interrupting continuous recording. The AV360 ° comes standard with a discreet internal microphone.

The Private Sector

The average consumer will have several benefits by having the AV360 installed. The AV360° will keep documentation in the event of an accident; and it can also act as security system which can be monitored by the consumer through their computers. Consumers could also be eligible for insurance discounts.

Invented and Patented by retired NYPD Undercover Detective Joe Mazzilli

Endorsed by Maj. General Ray Smith, USMC (Ret.), author of The March Up: Taking Baghdad and retired FBI agent Joseph “Donnie Brasco” Pistone and James Kalstrom, former FBI Assistant Director in NYC.

Protect Your Department and its Reputation

The AV360° has revolutionized the way a police department can protect itself by documenting actual events. Eyewitness testimonies are at times both misleading and prejudicial, and are susceptible to outside influences or interpretations, which can confuse and alienate both the police and the public. As a police officer’s silent partner and witness that is neither forgetful nor afraid to tell the truth, abusive officer accusations, “blame-game” scenarios and misconduct-related lawsuits can be countered and prevented. The AV360° will pay for itself as a valuable tool by successfully challenging false lawsuits against the police. It will document questionable officers (that potentially one-percent) who engage in abuse or other wrongdoings. With the AV-360° in place, the number of such incidents will be drastically reduced or eliminated.

Homeland Security and Terrorism

In today’s world, the police are the front line against terrorism. Having an AV360° in every police vehicle will prove to be an invaluable tool in terrorism investigations. As an example, if an officer drives down 42nd Street , leaves the area in his vehicle, and moments later, “god forbid” a bomb explodes on 42nd Street, the officer could immediately view the 360° video footage of his police cruiser. The officer could examine the recorded activity in the suspected area of the incident, thus having some leads, which will enhance the investigation by identifying individuals, and documenting vehicles in the area prior to the explosion. It further documents when individuals are inside a police vehicle. An officer could advise individuals of their rights and anything they say could be used as evidence.

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